Our Approach

Good business analysis and project management practices can be applied to any situation, if you truly understand the concepts.

Similar to how a true chef doesn't need a recipe, they can make a gourmet dish with whatever is available in their pantry since they are able to apply the tools, techniques and concepts of cooking.

There are cooking competitions to prove this, where chefs are provided with a mystery basket of ingredients like last night's leftovers, apples, citrus fruits, and chicken.

These chefs are able to transform these ingredients into a 5-star gourmet dish.

At Knowledge Adapters, we teach you the concepts, tools and techniques of business analysis and project management so you can apply them to any situation,

regardless of what constrains you in your mystery basket, like timelines, budgetary constraints, stakeholder vacations, or maybe technology constraints.

Our courses are loaded with visuals, examples, scenarios, analogies, and personal experiences to enable you to apply and adapt the knowledge to your unique situations.